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Real Life Comments


I had no idea what I wanted for my website. Dam could perfectly understand my brand and my message

Samantha Leah


Not only we loved the final result, but also we learned the importance of having our marketing on point

Obi Igbo & Ahmed Kazmi


I love sending bloggers to my website because it looks professional and they can easily find what they're looking for

Jake Aldridge

Hi! I'm Dam

My mission is not only to create a website for you.

I want to develop a solid strategy that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Together, we'll make a plan that makes you more money, fans, connections and gives you more free time to spend on your creative tasks.



Dam Dominici - Founder of The Indie Engine

The biggest problem I see with music websites nowadays is not the design, but the strategy.

The most common mistake I can think of is musicians making a one-page website with just a picture and links to their socials.
If you think about it, that makes no sense at all! It's like inviting someone to your home, and as soon as they walk in, you tell them "Alright, get out of here...".
Those artists don't have a strategy, therefore, they don't really have a website. They just have a very expensive business card.

If you're an ambitious musician, I'd love to team up with you and build a website that works to the service of your goals!

Dam Dominici
Founder of The Indie Engine

The Indie Engine: Websites for Musicians

I create powerful websites for musicians. Get an awesome music website with the tools you need to benefit your brand as an artist. Spotify buttons, shop, smartlinks and more, all from your own website.

Service Type: Web design for Musicians

Price: From 500


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The basics

All my websites come with these


Upload new music in seconds

Paste just one streaming link. We'll fetch all the information from every music outlet. Get smart link pages with your own custom design automatically.

upload releases websites for musicians
spotify follow button API on your own website

Smart spotify buttons

Spotify buttons everywhere

Get your fans to save your music or follow you without even leaving your website. Unleash the power by combining multiple actions in one single button.

Indie Tree

Bio links for all your socials

Create bio links to convert the traffic from your socials into new fans, merch sales, email list subscribers and more.

bio links like linktree for musicians
analytics website tools for musicians


Powerful data keeps you growing

See exactly who saved your latest song to their library or followed you on Spotify. Get an in detail web traffic report.


More, more & more

More powerful tools to keep you productive. Together, we'll make a website that helps you achieve more, not just work harder.

digital marketing tools for musicians

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most common mistakes I see is musicians relying only on social media or third party platforms. The risk of doing that, is huge. Think of it for a second:

  1. You are not the actual owner of your content
  2. If your best social media platform dies tomorrow, your content does too.

That’s why it’s always the best idea to “train” your fans to frequently visit your website. That way, if your social dies, they know where to find you.

Actually you do need social media, that’s how you will drive traffic to your website and then get people to take action.

If you’ve got a solid strategy, having a website will boost your online presence and will make you look professional. That makes you more likely to get seen and get new opportunities to keep moving forward in your music career.

Your website will play the role that you need it to play. Save custom data from your audience, sell merch, create customized marketing campaigns and another endless sea of options. The only limit here is creativity.

It’s also one of the best places to actually make money out of your music efforts. You can sell merch, tickets, digital downloads, cd’s and vinyls. You can even sell online courses, or one to one online lessons.

If you don’t have a website, or your site is not on point, you’re hurting your exposure.

Imagine one of your socials blows up tomorrow. You have no website. You’re loosing thousands of $ because you have nowhere to sell your stuff. You’re also risking your career because you’re not getting all those followers into your mailing list. Maybe next week, all those followers are gone and you wonder what you did wrong. That is simple: You were not ready.

When you have a website, you have a machine working for you. So get ready for success now and when the time comes you’ll be proud of your decision.

To make things easy, I help you to customize the right growth package to fit your budget and needs.

Depending on the size of the project, I usually get it done between 3 and 6 weeks.

Once I finish your site, you will be able to access to your dashboard and easily update your releases, bio links, playlists, events, podcasts and news. 
I made it super easy for you. Login, update, logout, go to make music!



Every music website has its own needs.
We'll create our action plan together.
This step gets us ready for success.



Now we've got you a killer digital strategy.
Go and spend quality time at the studio
while we create an awesome site for you.



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